Cheap Florida Keys Vacation

A Cheap Florida Keys Vacation is possible! Coming to the Florida Keys on vacation can be an expensive proposition, but if you are willing to sacrifice a little you can save some money. When I first came to the Keys I was in college, and frankly, I had very little money, but as soon as I got here and was out on the water for a day, I totally fell in love with it and ended up coming here 3 times in one winter. All in all my 3 trips here probably cost less than most people’s one trip. Although I did without many luxuries that other people wouldn’t do without, I still had a great time and ended up having a cheap Florida Keys Vacation.


Cheap Florida Keys Camping

One way you can save money is to stay in campgrounds. There are campgrounds all over the Keys, there are even campgrounds on Stock Island right by Key West. The campgrounds are not as cheap as they are other places but they are substantially cheaper than even the cheap Florida Keys hotel rooms.

Cheap Florida Keys Hotels

If you aren’t into camping, you can often find better deals on hotels from small mom and pop places, they might not be as fancy as the Hyatt or Westin, but hey if you are like me you want be out doing and seeing stuff, not hanging at the hotel. You can also find good deals on vacation rentals by owner, this can really save you money if you come with a few people. You can often rent a house or condo for the same or less than a hotel and you get a kitchen and cook your meals.

Cheap Key West Vacation

If you are coming to Key West, you don’t really need a car. This is another way you can save money and manage to have a cheap Florida Keys Vacation. You can either fly directly here, or fly to Miami and rent a car for a day to drive there and then drop it off. You can pretty much get by in Key West without a car – a lot of the residents do, and also cars can be a hassle in Key West. Parking usually requires payment, the streets are narrow and confusing if you don’t know your way around. You can pretty much get to everything in Key West by bike, or if necessary a taxi.

Cheap Things to do in the Florida Keys

There are many cheap free things to do and see in the Keys and Key West. Most beaches, parks and historic sites are free to cheap. Although fishing and snorkeling are about 100 times better from a boat, you can fish and snorkel from the shore.

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