Florida Keys Map

Check out our Florida Keys map of the islands, coming soon. Getting around the Keys is easy, but we use a distinctive navigation system here. Locations are designated by Mile Markers. From Key West at Mile Marker 0 to Key Largo at Mile Marker 110, you can find anything using the MM system, especially if you have a Florida Keys map. The Overseas Highway is marked up and down the Keys, with little green Mile Marker signs so you always know where you are and how many miles to go before you hit your destination.

The Florida Keys are a string of islands stretching out 120 miles into the waters. North of the Florida Keys is the Gulf of Mexico. To the south, the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are mainly narrow and small. In most parts of the Keys, the Overseas Highway is the only road. However, in some areas such as Big Pine Key, Key West and Marathon, the actual land mass of the island is larger. Here, there are side streets so a Florida Keys map can be helpful. Many of the best things in the Florida Keys are found off the beaten track and if you’re driving through, a map will certainly help you with exploration and discovery.

A Florida Keys map that extends north and south to show the ocean and bay side will also give visitors a sense of where certain popular dive sites and fishing areas can be found. You will see the uninhabited tiny keys that dot the water north of the Keys, making up what’s called the back country. In other parts of the United States, the term back country means a remote area where you won’t find many other people or signs of development. On a Florida Keys map, back country is the miles and miles of shallow waters dotted with mangrove islands that are found on the bay side. This is where flats fishermen run their special shallow water boats hunting back country fish like permit, tarpon, and bonefish.

If your Florida Keys map extends far enough west, you’ll get an idea of how far away the Dry Tortugas really are. Look for the Marquesas Keys on your map too. This is great fishing and not as far out as the Dry Tortugas. Another spot, found on the way to the Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas, is Boca Grande Key, a wonderful sandbar you can pull up to and explore. Look all up and down the ocean side on your map from Key West to Key Largo and see how close the coral reef is. Keys residents are lucky to live so close to a natural treasure like a living coral reef, which makes the Florida Keys special and unique in North America.

Please enjoy our Florida Keys map and have a great vacation in America’s Caribbean!