Florida Keys Weddings

If you’re getting married, you should know that Florida Keys weddings are among the most beautiful ways to celebrate your event. Getting married on the beach or under a palm tree as the sun sets behind you on the horizon are only two of the reasons why Florida Keys weddings are the most romantic and gorgeous ways to tie the knot.

Saying “I do” is a special event for a couple. How they say the words and celebrate the day can be the couple’s own creative expression of their hopes and dreams for a wonderful life together. If a casual, tropical background to this expression fits your personality and your outlook on life, you might be considering Florida Keys weddings. The Keys are close enough to mainland United States that airfare and arrangements won’t break your budget or the budget of your family and guests who attend the wedding. You can have a lovely tropical wedding without spending every last dime you’ve saved. That’s the reason why so many couples have chosen Florida Keys weddings for the big day.

The wedding world in the Florida Keys is an interwoven network of caterers, wedding planners, hair stylists, florists and boutiques. They know the couple relies on good service and competent professionals to help them prepare for their wedding from afar. Some couples will visit the Florida Keys before the wedding to check out different spots for the event, or to interview various wedding planners. Others will do everything from their home outside the Keys. There are professionals throughout the Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, who can arrange everything for a wedding, without the couple having to be there in person before the actual ceremony. The process has been streamlined for a hassle-free wedding where the couple can help plan every step, or they can choose to just show up! Again, a wedding is a personal expression of a couple’s love and committment to each other and everyone is different. Some will plan every detail, and others want it to be as easy as possible and they don’t sweat the details. They leave it all up to the wedding planner and his or her team.

Florida Keys weddingsSome of the options you have to choose from include centering your event around the facilities of a full-service resort. The couple and guests stay at the same resort, the ceremony and reception are on the grounds of the resort, and catering is through the dining facilities of the resort as well. Most resorts have a wedding planner they work with, so call a resort you’re interested in and ask if they can give you the contact info for their wedding planner. Tell them you’re planning a wedding and they should know exactly where to direct you.

Another option for Florida Keys weddings is to have your wedding on the beach, then the reception through yoru hotel. Not all Florida Keys hotels and resorts have their own private beach so transportation will come into play unless your accommodations are within walking distance to the beach. In Key West, there are a number of vacation rental condos and hotels across the street from the beach so there wouldn’t be as much need for transportation. Again, ask your wedding planner and almost anything can be arranged. The Florida Keys are typified by a casual tropcial lifestyle and Florida Keys weddings are no different. You dream it, and somebody will make it happen. No fuss, no worry!