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Florida Keys Boat Rentals

Florida Keys boat rentals should be part of your vacation plans if you love to fish, snorkel, or dive. For many, spending a week in the Florida Keys is a dream come true, a chance to fish, snorkel or dive all week long under sunny skies and perfect weather. For those on a budget, the […]

Florida Keys Recreation

This Florida Keys recreation guide contains a variety of recreational activities and things to do in the Florida Keys. Trust us, there’s so much to do in the Florida Keys, you need a Florida Keys recreationguide to plan your vacation! While most come for the watersports, there’s also a whole variety of land-based things to […]

Florida Keys Real Estate

This Florida Keys Real Estate guide contains valuable information for anyone considering purchasing property in the Keys. The real estate industry in the Florida Keys serves both locals and visitors who seek rentals, vacation rentals, and home purchases. With the real estate boom of the past five or six years, real estate prices in the […]

Florida Keys Dining

The Florida Keys Dining and Entertainment guide contains establishments, dining and entertainment businesses and companies serving the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys have long been known as an exciting string of sub-tropical islands with fantastic watersports and lovely places to stay. There are also plenty of famous bars in the Keys, and some darn good […]

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

  Let a Glass Bottom Boat tour take you to the Florida Keys’ most precious resource: the living coral reef. The reef is average of six miles off shore in the Keys, making it very accessible and convenient to get to. Glass bottom boat tours head out to the reef every day throughout the Florida […]

Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine animals. Hop aboard one of the available Florida Keys Dolphin tours and discover why. These mammals are very intelligent and playful, everyone who encounters them will be delighted. Dolphins are happiest in the wild, and eco Dolphin tours will take you to their habitat to observe feeding, […]

Florida Keys Lobsterng

Florida Keys Lobstering Florida Keys lobstering means going for Spiny Lobster, which are Florida’s version of the tasty treat well known to seafood lovers all around the country. There are Spiny Lobster living on and all around the coral reef that runs parallel to the Florida Keys. Florida’s lobster don’t have the large claw that […]

Fish of the Florida Keys

  Amberjack Black Grouper Bluefish Black Tip Shark Blue Runner Bonefish Bonito Bonnet Head Shark Cobia File Fish Greu Triggerfish Grunt Hogfish Houndfish Crevelle Jack King Mackerel Lemon Shark Mangorve Snapper Nurse Shark Pinfish Queen Trigger Fish Rainbow Runner Rainbow Runner Red Grouper Sailfish Scorpion Fish Surgeon Fish Tarpon Triple Tail Yellow Jack Yellowtail Snapper […]

Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

Florida Keys offshore fishing is one method of fishing you can try while visiting the Florida Keys. This is usually done by either larger center console or sport fisher type boats. There are offshore charters leaving from pretty much all areas of the Florida Keys, making Florida Keys offshore fishing one of the most popular […]

Florida Keys Flats Fishing

Florida Keys flats fishing is done on the flats. Flats are essentially large planes of shallow water that surround some of the keys. They can have grassy bottom or a harder coral type bottom. These flats are any where from 6 inches to 6 feet deep and stretch for miles in some areas. They are […]