Florida Keys Camping

If you have an adventurous spirit, or if you’re on a budget, Florida Keys camping can be worked into your vacation plans easily. There are campgrounds up and down the Keys, some are private and some state-run by the state parks system of Florida. Most offer spots for RVs and for tents, although there are some here and there that cater only to RV travelers. In general, that you’ll find with Florida Keys camping is that most campgrounds are geared towards visitors with recreational vehicles rather than the casual car camper with a tent.

The Best Seasons for Camping in the Keys

Southern Florida and the Keys are hot and humid during half the year. From May to October, it’s sticky and the sun is blazing. Tent camping during these months requires a certain hardiness to weather and an understanding of how to keep cool when it’s hotter than anything outside. If you tent camp during the hotter months, pick your campsite wisely. Shade is key, but catching a breeze is also important. Pick a site that’s under a tree but facing the sea, to catch ocean breezes. It’s hot and humid even at night. If you’ve tent camped in the American Southwest, don’t count on the temperature dramatically falling after sunset, as it does in the desert. Desert sand loses its heat quickly after the sun stops beating on it. The Florida Keys retain the heat, and plus the humidity doesn’t go down after dark. RVers won’t worry so much about the weather because they travel with modern comforts that protect them from the heat and humidity. Tenters know that hanging out at the campsite isn’t really part of the itinerary when planning a Florida Keys camping trip!

Florida Keys camping

Your tent should have “windows”, where the breeze can flow through. Otherwise, you’ll be trapped inside with your own perspiration, adding to the already intense humidity. Keeping the door flap open isn’t really an option because the bugs will get you! Get a tent with screened windows that won’t allow bugs through.

Tent sites can vary from place to place. Long Key State Park has excellent sites, along the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. They have raised platforms. It’s great. But Sugarloaf Key KOA has a back lot for tents that looks like a dust bowl. It’s remote and natural looking, which is a plus, but it’s a little dusty, too. Your equipment and your stuff will get dusty. Once you get beyond the dry dirt, the sites are unique and remote at KOA. But really, KOAs are geared for RVs. The State Parks do a nice job of providing excellent spots just for tenters, as opposed to back lots that seem to be leftover space, like an afterthought in an RV park.

The winter months in the Florida Keys are pleasant for tent campers. The temperature drops into the 70s and occasionally even into the high 60s on the coldest days. The humidity lets up as well, providing tenters some beautiful crisp nights under the stars. The winter months are typically the dry season, so the dustiness doesn’t go away, but the weather is so much better it makes up for a little dust.

In general, tent camping in the Florida Keys is doable all year round, but in the winter months, from November to May, it’s much much more fun. If you go during summer months, which last from May to October, plan to get up with the sun and leave your site for cooler spots. Bring lots of bug spray and use the pool at the campground to your advantage. Have fun!

How To Research Your Next Florida Camping Trip

How hard can it be to decide to go camping? Well, without a little preparation, a weekend or a week can go horribly wrong if you choose the wrong place to camp. Here are a few things to think about before you leave your driveway:

1. If you are tent camping, does the campground accept tenters? Surprisingly, a huge number of private RV parks and campgrounds do not allow tent camping.

2. RVers should determine in advance whether their destination provides full or partial hooks. Are the electrical hookups 30amp only or up to 50amp? Are pets or children permitted? Does the campground have restrictions on the age of the camper allowed into their campground? Is the RV park for Class A motorhomes only? And, are the RV sites large enough to accommodate your unit?

3. Check to make sure that there will be space available upon your arrival. You may need to make an advance reservation.

The list above is a good starting point to decide what you want from your camping trip. Your first efforts should begin with visiting the campground’s website and finding out whether or not your specific needs can be accommodated. Sometimes it’s worth traveling a little further or paying a little bit more to insure that your trip brings you the enjoyment you deserve.

You can start your research by visiting this Camping in Florida web page that lists Florida campgrounds by city that have a website.

Key West Bed and Breakfast

Key West is famous for a lot of things: best sunsets, great scuba diving, the Duval Crawl, Conch style architecture, and a general all around fun place to be. But of all the characteristics Key West is known for, perhaps the one you’ll find most appealing day after day is your Key West Bed and Breakfast. We call them “guest houses” here, but whatever you call them, they’re world class when it comes to hospitality, style and charm.

Escaping to your favorite Key West Bed and Breakfast enjoying a personal experience from the moment you check in. Most of the Key West Bed and Breakfasts are privately run by owners who put every ounce of their energy and every last minute of their time into creating the best possible experience for their guests. Not only do you enjoy wonderful service, you also retreat each night to an exquisitely decorated room or suite, stocked with fine linens, plush towels, and all the amenities you would expect of a small guest house on a tropical island.

That means poolside cocktails each night- on the house! And poolside breakfast if you choose. Choose a Key West Bed and Breakfast with a garden courtyard and pool for a lush tropical retreat at the end of each day. It’s not hard to find this- so many guest houses have these features. Some guest houses occupy an entire block or part of a block in Old Town, with conch-style buildings set in a square around a central garden and pool. They might also offer social mixers or cocktail hour each night, to encourage a friendly atmosphere if you want to make new friends. If not, then a thoroughly private experience is as simple as skipping the cocktail hour at the pool, and having your breakfast in your room!

Each Key West Bed and Breakfast has its own charm and style, and there’s one that perfect for you and your friends or family or special loved one. Half the fun is researching your private retreat on the internet, then booking online for deep discounts. Click on our pictures that say “Book Here” and find your own personal escape in Paradise at a Key West Bed and Breakfast.


Florida Keys Resorts

If you visit the Keys and you desire luxury, services, top-notch amenities and beautiful surroundings, then Florida Keys resorts will not disappoint. The variety of accommodations has blossomed in the past few years, and visitors like you benefit from such an array of lovely places to stay. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find at Florida Keys resorts throughout the islands.

Dive Resorts in the Florida Keys

Key Largo specializes in dive resorts. The proximity of Key Largo to the amazingly clear waters of the Gulf Stream make this key the most popular for divers. There are numerous dive resorts here, combining accommodations with in-house dive trips on the resort’s own boat. That means ultra convenience for divers! Imagine just waking up, rolling out of bed and onto the dive boat that awaits you and other guests of the resort. No driving, no parking to worry about, and at the end of the day, just exit the boat and you’re home!

Looe Key is another popular dive spot, located in the mid to upper keys. There is a dive resort here too, for getting divers out to the protected area conveniently.

Spa Resorts in the Florida Keys

Spas have finally arrived in the repertoire of Florida Keys resorts. Now you can book a room that comes with access to a world-class spa, right here in the Keys. Rejuvenate while on vacation amidst the tropical palm trees and ocean vistas. From Key Largo to Key West, there are plenty of Florida Keys resorts that accommodate the spa traveler. One of the originals, the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, offers golf as well, if spa treatments aren’t for everyone in your party.

Florida Keys resorts

Gay Resorts in Key West

Key West has long been a destination for gay travelers looking for pampering in exclusive accommodations. Here they will find resorts just men, and just for women. Some offer a complex of conch-style houses with a pool in the courtyard and privacy fence along the edges of the property for maximum emphasis on socialization and meeting friends from around the world. Island House (for men) is an example of this. Others offer a quiet guest-house setting with daily poolside tea and cocktails. Pearl’s Guesthouse (for women) is an example of this. Others offer an exclusively gay resort lifestyle for both men and women, all are welcome. Take your pick, there is diversity out there!

Fishing Resorts

Some resorts aim to please boaters by offering use of resort boats or making available wetslips for guest boats. A room at Rainbow Bend in Marathon comes with use of the resort’s Boston Whaler for trips out to the reef or a sandbar. Banana Bay in Key West is located on a canal, and guests can bring their boats and use the wetslips there. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel Botel in Marathon also offers wetslips so you can park your boat in front of your room. Anglers are drawn to this hotel for obvious reasons!

Of course this is just a sampling of Florida Keys resorts. To learn more, visit our accommodations page.

Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

Florida Keys Vacation Rentals
Savor the island charm in your choice of Florida Keys vacation rentals. There are so many to choose from! If you’ve got a large family or a group of travelers, then Florida Keys vacation rentals might even be the most economical choice for you. For anyone, it’s the ideal way to spend a Keys beach vacation. Pick from a wide selection of vacation rentals to suit any style and location. From short term rentals to seasonal cottages and condos, you can find the place to make your Keys vacation perfect.

Find luxurious and affordable rentals from Key Largo to Key West. Rent a private home for your large family or group and actually save money on your vacation. Rent a lovely cottage with a kitchen for your family of six for one month and the savings add up when compared to the price of three hotel rooms for a month. Enjoy a sunny conch cottage in Key West with its own pool in the back, complimentary bicycles, and plenty of parking. Take part in Key West living and get to know your neighbors, it’s a friendly town!

If a cottage isn’t your style, and you’d rather be close to the beach then a waterfront condo might be your choice in Florida Keys vacation rentals. Get one with an ocean view balcony and easy access to the beach- there are plenty available in Key West also. Look for these on South Roosevelt Ave, which is lined with condos that face the Atlantic Ocean. Smathers Beach is right across the street so you couldn’t get any closer to the ocean and beach with this stretch of condos in Key West.

From Key Largo to Marathon most of the Florida Keys vacation rentals consist of private stand-alone homes. There are some condo developments in Key Largo, such as Moonbay on the bay side, which holds plenty of rentals for visitors. Marathon is comprised mostly of private homes, as is Key Colony Beach, a small town on the ocean side adjacent to Marathon. In Key Colony Beach you are likely to

Florida Keys Campgrounds

Florida Keys Campgrounds

Florida Keys campgrounds come in several varieties. For the most part, RV campers will find that most Florida Keys campgrounds will accommodate their needs. Florida has extremely hot and humid weather conditions for part of the year, so tent campers are not as common as they would be in many other parts of the country. In general, the Florida Keys campgrounds seem to be geared towards RVers, but they do reserve spots for tenters as well. Keep in mind, prices quoted can change at any time, and are also subject to an 11.5% tax.

Key Largo Campgrounds

Starting in Key Largo, there is Kings Kamp at mile marker 103.5. On the bayside, they have RV sites and tent sites, pleasantly nestled along grassy patches with views of Florida Bay. Like all Florida Keys campgrounds, rates will seem high compared to other campgrounds in the country. During tourist season, it’s $50 per night. They also have weekly and monthly rates with a slight discount over the daily rate. Also available are motel rooms and efficiencies. If you have a boat you’ll be glad to know they have a marina too.

The Key Largo Kampground is found at mile marker 101.5 on the bay side. They have RV and tent sites, ranging from $33 a night for a bare bones tent site with no electricity to $70 a night for an RV site with a water view. They are a full service campground with social activities such as shuffleboard, bingo and dance classes. There’s a beautiful large pool- two actually, playground, clubhouse, and volleyball court.

Calusa Camp Resort is another Florida Keys campground on the bay side in Key Largo. They have full hook-ups, pets are accepted, and they also have propane. Find this campground at mile marker 101.5. Also offered are the usual full service camping amenities such as laundry, hot showers, propane sales, pool and clubhouse.

Campgrounds in the Middle Keys

Knights Key Campground is at mile marker 47, practically under the eastern end of the Seven Mile Bridge. They’ll accommodate tents and RVs with plenty of services and amenities.

Fiesta Key KOA is set up for any kind of camper, from tenters to full RV travelers. They have a pool, snackbar, dog walking area, and beautiful sunset views.

Jolly Roger Travel Park is at mile marker 59 on the Gulf Side, or bayside. They have just RV spots and offer a discount for Passport America holders.

Campgrounds in the Key West Area

Bluewater RV resort is actually fourteen miles from the city of Key West, but it is considered a Key Westcampground. It’s all in the name: Bluewater RV Resort does not allow car campers or tent campers! Rates are from $70 a night for an off-season basic site to $185 a night for peak season premium site.

Boyd’s Campground may be the best deal for camping in Key West. It’s on Stock Island, which is the island next to Key West, at mile marker 4. They welcome tenters as well as RVers. You can catch a city bus right from the campground to downtown Key West, or you can just ride a bicycle over the bridge, it’s so close. They’re on they ocean side and their sites have great views.

Leo’s Campground & RV Park is also on stock Island and also has tent sites plus RV spots. They’re $39 a night in the off season for tent spots, ($49 for RV spots) and $45 for peak season tent spots, $62 for RVs.

Sugarloaf Key/KOA is not in Key West or even Stock Island but it’s close enough for convenience, at mile marker 20. They run a bus to Key West every day, or you can drive the 20 miles in a snap.


Florida Keys Hotels

Florida Keys hotels come in so many exciting shapes and sizes! When you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, the first logical step is to figure out where you are going to stay. And with Florida Keys being such a tourist destination, there are plenty of Florida Keys hotel choices for vacationers, whether you are a party of one, or part of a group. There are Florida Keys hotels to suit every budget.

The Florida Keys offers hotels to suit all budgets and all needs, whether you want the extravagant or the economical version of a dream Keys holiday. And whether you plan to stay for a week or the season, you can find Florida Keys hotels for the length of stay you desire.

Guesthouses, a type of Florida Keys accommodations mostly found in Key West and most often historic houses of charm and character, come fully furnished. Some guesthouses are furnished with the basics. Others are lovingly restored Victorian style houses, filled with antiques and fine furnishings, and are perfect for those wanting to indulge in the historic culture of the Keys.

Florida Keys accomodations

Holiday Inn Key Largo


For those looking for a more personal and intimate setting in Florida Keys hotels, most bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys are the ideal setting for romance. The majority of bed and breakfasts are owner operated and serve up delicious breakfasts of baked goods, cereals and fruits, as well as juice, coffee or tea. Many bed and breakfasts also have complimentary bikes and other amenities for use by guests.

There are many vacation rental properties amongst Florida Keys hotels, from small bungalows for one or two adults, to large houses, which are ideal for larger sized families or groups of friends. Apartments and condos are also available, for those not requiring a house. And some houses offer several separate suites in the same house, making it an ideal option for larger families and groups. Most of these are rented on a monthly basis, although most are available on a seasonal basis or for longer term.

florida keys hotels

Anchor Drop Hotel, Islamorada


The Florida Keys have many hotels, from economy chain hotels to five star luxury chains. With a wide variety of budgets served, most are able to find something perfectly suited for what they are willing to spend. Hotels offer the amenities and services found in chain hotels throughout the Unites States, and most offer swimming pools and hot tubs as well. Many also have their own in-hotel tiki bars and restaurants, and some offer complimentary breakfast service as well.

For those with more expensive tastes, the Florida Keys offer excellent resorts, in the pricier scale of Florida Keys hotels. Many resorts, such as Little Palm Island, offer everything for guests, so there is no reason to leave the resort premises. Many offer spa services, such as facials, massages, and manicures, offer world class dining experiences, and have private beaches and resort pools.


Mermaid’s Cove

If you want to stay on Duval Street and have a large group of people, Mermaid’s Cove is the nicest place you could possibly find.  Again, no breakfast but this Key West B&B has everything you need in amenities, style, location, and charm.  Located at the upper end of Duval (read: quieter end), Mermaid’s Cove sleeps 8 to 10 people and has 4 bedrooms, with 4 bathrooms.

There are four separate cottages making up this small compound close to the Atlantic Ocean, liquor store, and restaurants.  Your group can convene in the central courtyard and cook up some fish or veggies on the gas BBQ grill before heading out to see what’s going on up and down Duval Street.  Which of your group gets to stay in the cottage with the cedar walls is up to you!

The cedar cottage also holds the explanation of why this great Key West B&B is called Mermaid’s Cove.  It features a 20′ wall with mosaic of beach scene and mermaid.  Since each cottage has it’s own private entrance, your group can enjoy complete privacy even if you keep different hours and do different things while in Key West.  Perfect for a wedding party, family reunion or just a family or group trip, Mermaid’s Cove is perfectly located for a fun time in Key West, for both hitting the beach and painting the town red on Duval.


Casa Amor

Casa Amor is a Bed and Breakfast without the Breakfast.  But once you see the gorgeous kitchen, you won’t mind preparing your own meals in this architecturally stunning vacation rental.  The landscaping, building, and interior decor are straight out of one of those glossy magazines featuring modern, stylish homes most of us usually only dream about.

Starting with the garden, there’s a pool with waterfall, and an outdoor shower, all enclosed in a privacy fence to create a tiny magical space that’s all your when you stay at Casa Amor Key West.  Dine al fresco every day and you probably won’t ever tire of the surroundings.  There are three bedrooms here, each with a King bed so the cottage can easily sleep six adults in high comfort and style.

The living room has a huge flat screen TV and surround sound that pumps throughout the house, imagine the entertaining you could do, with your party spilling out onto the deck and pool area.

Casa Amor is located near the upper end of Duval Street, a block and a half east of Duval on Catherine Street.  From here you can walk to both Duval and White Streets, the latter an arts district of Key West for your Florida villa holidays from Ocean Florida.
Aside from this, there are other tourist spots in the area. You may explore most of the best destinations in the area any time of the day. Get your eyes ready for the beautiful scenery that awaits you.

Travelers Palm

Travelers Palm can’t technically be called a Bed and Breakfast because they don’t serve breakfast to their guests.  But their cottages are so cute and their commitment to green living so admirable that we think they have a place in the Key West Bed and Breakfast world.  In what we hope is a growing trend in Key West, Travelers Palm has renovated its grounds, swimming pool, and accommodations to become what’s called a Green Hotel.

To get your Bed and Breakfast on the Green Hotels list, it takes more than just encouraging your guests to recycle their bottled water containers.  Green Hotels are built with eco-friendly materials and techniques, and feature things like low-flush toilets, solar heated water.  Laundry is also done with water-saving principles and much of the interior decor is made with recycled materials, such as the countertops in the kitchen.

Both the cottages and the swimming pool are heated by solar panels, and the grounds are watered via a cistern which collects rain water.  Appliances have low energy requirements and there are ceiling fans throughout to help out the AC system, which by the way is also very high tech and low-energy.

Aside from feeling good that you’re supporting the Green movement, you’ll enjoy the ambiance while you’re here as well.  Travelers Palm features stylish tropical decor in it cottages, and things like flat screen TVs, down comforters, and jacuzzis.  Make no mistake: this is luxury accommodations in Key West, but with an environmental twist.

Elgin Hideaway

Elgin Hideaway is a 2 bedroom 2 bath home that rents out by the month.  You get your very own private pool, and there’s a baby grand piano in the living room.  That should give you a general idea of what the price range will be!  This place is absolutely one of the nicest Key West bed and breakfasts on the island.  The amenities are top notch through and through- stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, flat screen TVs, stone countertops, wine chiller, and lots more.

Guests at Elgin Hideaway can also enjoy a trademark status symbol of home decor in the Florida Keys: original Dade County Pine.  The entire upstairs level is one grand master suite, with full bath.  The other bathroom is downstairs and features a stand alone bath tub.  Even the porch is something special- ceiling fans will gently move the air around you as you relax and enjoy the scenery.

Housekeeping services are available for an extra charge, and smoking is permitted outside only.  There are no pets allowed.

Elgin Hideaway is located at 1116 Elgin Lane, which is near where White and Eaton streets meet each other near Historic Seaport.