Florida Keys Hotels

Florida Keys hotels come in so many exciting shapes and sizes! When you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, the first logical step is to figure out where you are going to stay. And with Florida Keys being such a tourist destination, there are plenty of Florida Keys hotel choices for vacationers, whether you are a party of one, or part of a group. There are Florida Keys hotels to suit every budget.

The Florida Keys offers hotels to suit all budgets and all needs, whether you want the extravagant or the economical version of a dream Keys holiday. And whether you plan to stay for a week or the season, you can find Florida Keys hotels for the length of stay you desire.

Guesthouses, a type of Florida Keys accommodations mostly found in Key West and most often historic houses of charm and character, come fully furnished. Some guesthouses are furnished with the basics. Others are lovingly restored Victorian style houses, filled with antiques and fine furnishings, and are perfect for those wanting to indulge in the historic culture of the Keys.

Florida Keys accomodations

Holiday Inn Key Largo


For those looking for a more personal and intimate setting in Florida Keys hotels, most bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys are the ideal setting for romance. The majority of bed and breakfasts are owner operated and serve up delicious breakfasts of baked goods, cereals and fruits, as well as juice, coffee or tea. Many bed and breakfasts also have complimentary bikes and other amenities for use by guests.

There are many vacation rental properties amongst Florida Keys hotels, from small bungalows for one or two adults, to large houses, which are ideal for larger sized families or groups of friends. Apartments and condos are also available, for those not requiring a house. And some houses offer several separate suites in the same house, making it an ideal option for larger families and groups. Most of these are rented on a monthly basis, although most are available on a seasonal basis or for longer term.

florida keys hotels

Anchor Drop Hotel, Islamorada


The Florida Keys have many hotels, from economy chain hotels to five star luxury chains. With a wide variety of budgets served, most are able to find something perfectly suited for what they are willing to spend. Hotels offer the amenities and services found in chain hotels throughout the Unites States, and most offer swimming pools and hot tubs as well. Many also have their own in-hotel tiki bars and restaurants, and some offer complimentary breakfast service as well.

For those with more expensive tastes, the Florida Keys offer excellent resorts, in the pricier scale of Florida Keys hotels. Many resorts, such as Little Palm Island, offer everything for guests, so there is no reason to leave the resort premises. Many offer spa services, such as facials, massages, and manicures, offer world class dining experiences, and have private beaches and resort pools.