Travelers Palm

Travelers Palm can’t technically be called a Bed and Breakfast because they don’t serve breakfast to their guests.  But their cottages are so cute and their commitment to green living so admirable that we think they have a place in the Key West Bed and Breakfast world.  In what we hope is a growing trend in Key West, Travelers Palm has renovated its grounds, swimming pool, and accommodations to become what’s called a Green Hotel.

To get your Bed and Breakfast on the Green Hotels list, it takes more than just encouraging your guests to recycle their bottled water containers.  Green Hotels are built with eco-friendly materials and techniques, and feature things like low-flush toilets, solar heated water.  Laundry is also done with water-saving principles and much of the interior decor is made with recycled materials, such as the countertops in the kitchen.

Both the cottages and the swimming pool are heated by solar panels, and the grounds are watered via a cistern which collects rain water.  Appliances have low energy requirements and there are ceiling fans throughout to help out the AC system, which by the way is also very high tech and low-energy.

Aside from feeling good that you’re supporting the Green movement, you’ll enjoy the ambiance while you’re here as well.  Travelers Palm features stylish tropical decor in it cottages, and things like flat screen TVs, down comforters, and jacuzzis.  Make no mistake: this is luxury accommodations in Key West, but with an environmental twist.