Florida Keys Resorts

If you visit the Keys and you desire luxury, services, top-notch amenities and beautiful surroundings, then Florida Keys resorts will not disappoint. The variety of accommodations has blossomed in the past few years, and visitors like you benefit from such an array of lovely places to stay. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find at Florida Keys resorts throughout the islands.

Dive Resorts in the Florida Keys

Key Largo specializes in dive resorts. The proximity of Key Largo to the amazingly clear waters of the Gulf Stream make this key the most popular for divers. There are numerous dive resorts here, combining accommodations with in-house dive trips on the resort’s own boat. That means ultra convenience for divers! Imagine just waking up, rolling out of bed and onto the dive boat that awaits you and other guests of the resort. No driving, no parking to worry about, and at the end of the day, just exit the boat and you’re home!

Looe Key is another popular dive spot, located in the mid to upper keys. There is a dive resort here too, for getting divers out to the protected area conveniently.

Spa Resorts in the Florida Keys

Spas have finally arrived in the repertoire of Florida Keys resorts. Now you can book a room that comes with access to a world-class spa, right here in the Keys. Rejuvenate while on vacation amidst the tropical palm trees and ocean vistas. From Key Largo to Key West, there are plenty of Florida Keys resorts that accommodate the spa traveler. One of the originals, the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, offers golf as well, if spa treatments aren’t for everyone in your party.

Florida Keys resorts

Gay Resorts in Key West

Key West has long been a destination for gay travelers looking for pampering in exclusive accommodations. Here they will find resorts just men, and just for women. Some offer a complex of conch-style houses with a pool in the courtyard and privacy fence along the edges of the property for maximum emphasis on socialization and meeting friends from around the world. Island House (for men) is an example of this. Others offer a quiet guest-house setting with daily poolside tea and cocktails. Pearl’s Guesthouse (for women) is an example of this. Others offer an exclusively gay resort lifestyle for both men and women, all are welcome. Take your pick, there is diversity out there!

Fishing Resorts

Some resorts aim to please boaters by offering use of resort boats or making available wetslips for guest boats. A room at Rainbow Bend in Marathon comes with use of the resort’s Boston Whaler for trips out to the reef or a sandbar. Banana Bay in Key West is located on a canal, and guests can bring their boats and use the wetslips there. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel Botel in Marathon also offers wetslips so you can park your boat in front of your room. Anglers are drawn to this hotel for obvious reasons!

Of course this is just a sampling of Florida Keys resorts. To learn more, visit our accommodations page.