Florida Keys Dining

Florida Keys diningThe Florida Keys Dining and Entertainment guide contains establishments, dining and entertainment businesses and companies serving the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys have long been known as an exciting string of sub-tropical islands with fantastic watersports and lovely places to stay. There are also plenty of famous bars in the Keys, and some darn good restaurants as well. While the 100-mile long chain of islands caters to visitors from all over the US and across the globe, it’s wise to read up on Florida Keys dining choices in your area in order to have the best experience eating out. Florida Keys dining establishments range from quick and convenient pit stops who seem to have little interest in attracting repeat customers, to some of the finest restaurants in Florida. As you might also guess, prices range as well, and you don’t always get what you pay for! Let us be your guide, with insiders’ information and reviews for you to peruse. We have restaurants and bars listed by area so wherever you are in the Florida Keys, you’re sure to find a good meal!

Restaurants & Bars in the Upper Keys

Key Largo is a popular key for stopping and eating because if you’re driving from Fort Lauderdale International Airport or Miami International Airport, you’ve made it to the Keys and you feel like relaxing. Gone is most of the congestion, the tolls, the city, the stress. Now it’s time to eat!

Everyone driving through Key Largo, and that includes anyone driving through the Florida Keys since Key Largo is the fist, upper-most key, will drive past Sundowners. It’s on the right side as you drive West, or what locals call Bayside. They have waterfront dining positioned perfectly so you can catch the famous Florida Keys sunset while eating. You can sit inside, where you can still see the sunset and Florida Bay through the giant windows on the west and south walls. There’s also a dock outside with tables, which is perfect for warm evenings and causal lunches. Pull your boat right up to the restaurant and dock right under your table for free. There’s also a patio area with a Tiki hut bar and outdoor tables. This area isn’t always open for meals, but if you have to wait for your table, this is the place to do it. And Sundowners is so popular that you may have to wait for your table some nights.

Their entrees are fabulous, especially their Yellowtail Snapper with almonds dish. Appetizers are fun, delicious, and inspired by local cuisine. The seared yellowfin tuna with sesame seeds is not to be missed. This dish is offered everywhere in the Florida Keys, but Sundowners’ version is among the best. This is Florida Keys dining at its best in Key Largo.

Restaurants & Bars in the Middle Keys

If you drive through Marathon, in the Middle Keys, you will see the Cracked Conch Cafeon your left in the center of town. It’s just after the Publix and next to Boater’s World. This casual restaurant serves good food all day and has outdoor patio seating and indoor seating as well. The menu is diverse so everyone will find something to please. The service is friendly and home-style. There’s a bar and plenty of parking. The appetizers feature a wonderful spinache dip that’s served hot and delicious. Their seared yellowfin tuna is also great. Their grouper sandwich is fabulous, highly recommended.
Key West dining

Lower Keys Dining & Bars

In Key West, if you’re just arriving in town and need to eat quickly and cheaply, try Waffle House. It’s just as you drive onto the island, there’s plenty of free parking, and you can’t miss it. It’s part of the Days Inn compound so just look for the large signs as route A1 splits left and right, for beaches of downtown.