Florida Keys Boat Rentals

Florida Keys Boat RentalsFlorida Keys boat rentals should be part of your vacation plans if you love to fish, snorkel, or dive. For many, spending a week in the Florida Keys is a dream come true, a chance to fish, snorkel or dive all week long under sunny skies and perfect weather. For those on a budget, the cost of hiring a charter fisherman every day is just too much. With prices from $500 for a half day, up to one thousand dollars for a full day trip offshore, the bill can add up pretty quickly. That’s why Florida Keys boat rentals are great for fishing or diving enthusiasts. With a boat rental, you can go out fishing or snorkeling or whatever, every day when you want to go.

Florida Keys boat rentals mean you can also go anywhere you want too. If you love snorkeling, then going out on a party snorkel boat every day of your vacation means you will go to the same spot or same two or three spots over and over again, and only for 45 minutes at a time. With a Keys boat rental, you can find your own corner of the reef and explore it yourself, away from the crowds. Usually the party snorkel boats, the cheaper ones, the big catamarans, take dozens of people out at a time and everyone swims around in a crowd on the same patch of reef. It’s the best thing in the world for your first time out snorkeling on the coral reef in the Florida Keys. However, if you want to explore more and go out more often, a Florida Keys boat rental will fit your needs and save you money.


Florida Keys boat rentals are usually found at local marinas or by looking in the local yellow pages, either in the book or online, for the term Boat Rentals. Small operators will have a tiny fleet of boats, usually ranging from 11 up to around 30 feet or so, for you to rent. If you have your own hand-held GPS, bring it because more often than not, Florida Keys boat rentals do not come with GPS equipment or sonar. There will be a radio and perhaps a compass but that’s about it in the way of electronics. Boat rental staff will send you out with a schematic map of the water in that area of the Keys, with some tips on where to go for whatever it is that you’re doing. If you want to go snorkeling, then they will point out some good patch reefs, usually close to shore. Good luck if you don’t have a GPS system. The staff will pretend it’s easy to get to the patches using your eyesight or the stars or something like that but you won’t even know you’re on the actual patch reef you’re trying to get to if you don’t have the GPS equipment.