Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys fishing is well known around the world as the best sport fishing, and offers many types of experiences, from flats fishing to wreck fishing. Charters are available in the Keys for whichever type of fishing you desire, and most include everything you need for a fun and successful fishing trip. Come see why Florida Keys fishing is the best in the world!

Flats fishing is done in small skiffs with only one or two people per skiff. As the name implies, flats fishing is done in extremely shallow waters to catch Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. Anglers watch for the fish to approach before casting the line in precisely the right spot to make the catch. Flats fishing in the Keys is done with either fly equipment or with spinning gear.

Backcountry fishing is less technical than flats fishing, and the boats can accommodate up to four anglers in shallow waters. Along with the same variety of fish which can be caught in flats fishing, anglers can also catch shark, snapper and barracuda.

Reef and wreck fishing is best for beginners and those who want the most productive fishing day possible. The many wrecks and natural coral reefs around the Florida Keys provide excellent opportunities for shark, barracuda, snapper, permit and macheral, as well as many other fish abundant in the area. Both fly fishing and tackle fishing can be used for reef and wreck fishing.

Florida Keys fishing

Tarpon, commonly known as the Silver King, is considered the the fly fisherman’s premier sport fish. The Florida Keys, and specifically Key West, offers the greatest opportunity for sight casting in the shallow waters. 150 pound tarpon are not uncommon in the Florida Keys.

There are many sportfishing charters available in the Keys. Molasses Reef is often referred to as the most popular diving location in the world. Some Florida Keys fishing charter companies offer a variety of fishing types, while some charters specialize in niche markets of specific types of fishing, or in specific locations in which they are experts. Some also are experts in certain species, such as tarpon or sharks, while others are considered party boats.

Party boats are great for groups, because they can accommodate a large group of people for a day of fishing fun. Party boats are usually less expensive per person, since the cost of the excursion is split among many people, and are most often all inclusive. The price is great for couples where only one person might want to fish.

Most Florida Keys fishing charter companies offer everything for their anglers, from equipment to bait. Most also offer drinks and deli-type food. However, you are welcome to bring along your own if you desire. It is highly recommended to bring along appropriate clothing and sun care for your fishing expedition.