Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

Florida Keys offshore fishing is one method of fishing you can try while visiting the Florida Keys. This is usually done by either larger center console or sport fisher type boats. There are offshore charters leaving from pretty much all areas of the Florida Keys, making Florida Keys offshore fishing one of the most popular activities in the Keys.

Types of Offshore Fish

Depending on the season, Florida Keys offshore fishing can bring you Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Tuna (Black fin , Yellowfin), Billfish such as sailfish, white and blue marlin, jacks, usually amber jack, bar jacks and yellow jacks, Triple tail and mackerel. Offshore fishing usually consists of trolling or live bait fishing. The fishing is usually centered around some sort of offshore structure, such as a offshore weed line or a sea mount.

Offshore Weed Lines

Offshore weed lines are usually fished in the summer time, when the winds a calm enough to let the line form. The weed lines are made of sargasm weed. Sargasm weed is host to tons of tiny creatures; little crustaceans etc, and in turn attract schools of tiny bait fish to feed on the tiny animals hiding in the weed. This in turn attracts bigger fish feeding on the smaller fish. The lines are formed by the edges of offshore currents, and high winds will mess them up. The fish that are attracted to the weed lines are still out there when it is windy but the weed line draws them into a concentrated area. Fish caught around weed lines in the summer are usually Dolphin, Wahoo, Bar jacks and triple tail. Sometimes marlin will be out there feeding on the dolphin. You never know what will turn up when you go out for a day of Florida Keys offshore fishing.

Offshore Sea Mounts

Offshore sea mounts are basically mountains on the sea floor, current passes over them and it pushes oxygen rich cold water from the sea floor towards the surface. This pushes bait fish around and toward the surface which attracts larger predators. People troll around these humps for tuna, Wahoo and billfish. People also drift live baits around these humps on the surface for the same fish. Dropping large live baits down towards the bottom on these offshore humps is often how the largest amberjacks are caught.