Florida Keys Jet Ski Rental

Have You Tried Jet Skis?

If not, then now’s the time for a Florida Keys jet ski rental! It’s a fun way to enjoy the beautiful weather and warm sub-tropical ocean temperatures we have here in the Florida Keys. It’s a very exiting way to be on the water and explore the islands and backcountry. Be your own guide or join a tour group on jet skis and let the local guide take you to special spots around the Florida Keys. Imagine zipping down mangrove trails or over the backcountry to see remote areas not usually visited by most tourists. A Florida Keys jet ski rental will make your day amazing and beautiful, and so much fun!

A Florida Keys Jet Ski Rental is So Easy!

What could be easier than just showing up at the dock and hopping on your personal watercraft? There’s no loading of your vessel-they are parked right at the dock in the water and ready to go. No waiting, no lines. Wear bathing suit or t-shirt or rash guard. You will get wet! Your Florida Keys Jet Ski rental outfitter will provide you with a personal flotation device, which is absolutely necessary. Then just hop on, start the engine and take off!

Jet Skis are Safe and Totally Fun!

Today’s wave runenrs and jet skis are made for a smooth, stable ride. They are top of the line machines and can turn on a very small radius as well. Expert handling and stable ride means a safer trip for you and your friends. Whether you are out for a smooth ride in the backcountry on calm waters, or out on the ocean side for some thrill-seeking adventure jumping boat wakes, you will appreciate late-model equipment and superior handling.