Florida Keys Parasailing

Florida Keys parasailingSee the Florida Keys from the air: go Parasailing! See the world from way up there and get a glimpse of the seas below as the birds see it: from hundreds of feet up! That’s what’s in store for visitors who try Florida Keys parasailing. It’s perfectly safe and loads of fun and lots of visitors say that parasailing was the hi light of their vacation. Your vision of the Keys will expand while floating in the sky. You’ll see things you didn’t even know existed, like back country mangrove trails, jellyfish, or even sharks! Don’t worry, they can’t get you. Tour the landscape from your chute and you see why some visitors even come back for more on their next vacation.

Your ride will be smooth and comfortable. While up in the chute, it’s amazingly quiet and peaceful. Yes, it’s a silent ride! Imagine all this stunning scenery, quiet serenity, and an unforgettable experience you’ll want to share with everyone back home.

What You Should Know About Parasailing

Parasailing is when the rider (that’s you) is harnessed to a parachute and tethered to a boat. The parachute is never detached from the boat. The Captain has full control of your chute at all times by maneuvering the boat to control the height of your chute. The rope is the same kind they use to tow boats, so it will never break. Should there be a boat malfunction, parasailers would simply glide down with their chutes. No free fall!

It is not necessary to know how to swim in order to participate in Florida Keys parasailing. People ask that a lot. The takeoff and landing is on a special large platform on the back of the boat. You never have to touch the water. Some people like to get dipped so the Captain will do that if you ask. You can have the Captain dip your toes, or up to your knees or even higher is you want! Many people who come to the Florida Keys discover that Parasailing is a great alternative to snorkeling or glass bottom boat tours, especially if they can’t swim.

Tips for New Parasailers

Bring sunscreen! You will ride out in a comfortable boat but it probably won’t have any cover. A hat is good, but you won’t want to wear a hat while up in the ‘chute. It will fly off! Also, if your sunglasses are loose, you risk losing them as well. That’s because while up in the parachute you will be looking down at the spectacular scenery and they might slip off.

Cameras are OK to take up but it’s at your own risk. If you trust yourself to hold onto the camera, and especially if you have a waterproof housing or a waterproof camera, you can get some good pictures with less risk. The Captain and his mate will advise you that it’s at your own risk. That means they probably won’t go after your camera if you drop it!