Florida Keys Recreation

This Florida Keys recreation guide contains a variety of recreational activities and things to do in the Florida Keys. Trust us, there’s so much to do in the Florida Keys, you need a Florida Keys recreationguide to plan your vacation! While most come for the watersports, there’s also a whole variety of land-based things to do. We even have museums, historical tours, nature reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the resorts have everything you may want to do while here on vacation, so you never even have to leave the grounds. For whatever reason you may have for wanting to visit the Florida Keys, you’re sure to end up discovering many many more to come back on a future vacation.


Many visitors to the Florida Keys are drawn here simply because it’s warm here when it’s cold in other places, and the Keys are easy to get to since they are part of Florida. Anyone who visits can’t help but notice that fishing is a big deal here in the Keys. That’s because the Florida Keys have the best fishing in the whole country, and people come from all over the world to fish our reef and our flats backcountry. The fishing is great, and it’s also very diverse, in terms of all the different sorts of fishing you can do here.

Since we have the giant living coral reef that runs parallel to the Florida Keys, there’s reef fishing. The reef is within a few miles of land all across the Keys, so it’s a short trip out to some great yellowtailing, grouper catches, and other reef fishing. Beyond the reef, if you go out to the dropoff, where the ocean depth drops to hundreds of feet, you can go for larger sportfish such as wahoo, tuna and mackeral. Backcountry, or flats fishing, is superb here, from Everglades near Key Largo, to the backcountry flats all around every Key in the island chain. Choose your flats fishing guide and he or she will take you to flat waters where you’ll spot bonefish, go for permit, and perhaps hook some tarpon as well.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

One of the gems of Florida Keys recreation is the living coral reef. It stretches the whole way alongside the chain of islands, and beyond Key West, the last inhabited Key to the west, out to the Dry Tortugas. That’s over one hundred miles of coral reef! The reef supports tons of fish and other sea creatures which can easily be discovered on a snorkel or scuba excursion. Many life-long scuba divers even make it a point to visit the Florida Keys because of our beautiful reef system. Snorkelling can be learned and enjoyed in one afternoon, while scuba requires much more time and investment because of the required training. However, you can get temporarily trained in scuba in one morning, then go for a dive in the afternoon, so it’s entirely possible to enjoy the coral reef this way while on vacation.

Things to do in the Florida Keys

Parasail, Jet Ski, & Kayaking

There are so many ways to enjoy the water in the Florida Keys! If you’ve never done parasailing before, go for it in the Keys. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get wet, and it’s the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the water below. You’ll see the water and flats backcountry in a whole new perspective…one you’ll never forget! The water is usually pretty clear, so you’ll get to see sharks below, as well as perhaps a ray or two.

Jet ski rentals abound in the Florida Keys, and they provide a good way to get out to see remote parts of the backcountry, or just to get in the water and have some fun. There are guided tours on jet skis, or you can just rent one and jet around near shore. Either way, it’s a great way to cool off in summertime.

Kayaking is wonderful in the Florida Keys because there is no end to the backcountry and mangrove trails you can explore, for an exciting Florida Keys recreation adventure. Discovering the Florida Keys by kayak is definitely the way to go!