Florida Keys Shopping

Got some time for a little Florida Keys shopping while on vacation? Make the most of your time and preview what we have to offer here on our visitors’ mini guide to shopping in the Florida Keys. Of course we have the obvious: lots and lots of tourist treaures for folks back home. Some are beautiful, and others are just whimsical, but you’ll definitely have fun shopping for souvenirs here in the Keys. In the Upper Keys it’s hard to miss The Shell Man, whose billboards promise all kinds of chintzy items, but in actuality the store sells a wide range of beautiful items. Florida Keys shopping runs the gamut from typical t-shirt shops to exquisite boutiques full of wonderful treasures.

Florida Keys shopping

Specialty shops are everywhere in the Florida Keys as well. There’s a hammock shop, a kite shop, a flip-flop boutique, a pepper store, and of course, many many key lime shops! In Key West you have Key West Aloe which has grown a wide following in people who want bath and beauty products with aloe in them. Right across the street from the aloe shop is Key West Fabrics, another home-grown unique shop. They have lots of island prints and resort clothing for sale, plus a sale rack in the back that’s lots of fun.

Fish & tackle shops are everywhere, as you might expect. The granddaddy of them all is located in Islamorada, World Wide Sportsman. This is one of the best places on all the islands for Florida Keys shopping. This store is an attraction itself, and you could easily spend more than an hour in here. There’s a reproduction of Ernest Hemingway’s wooden fishing boat, Pilar, a glass elevator carrying customers up to the second floor where you’ll find Zane Grey Lounge and an art gallery. On the ground floor they have a giant aquarium with popular flats and reef fish swimming around. The store is beautiful, with artistic touches like brass doorknobs shaped like mermaids, and replicas of fish on the walls so you can practice your fish identification. On top of all this, prices aren’t even all that bad.

In Key West, there main drag for tourists is Duval Street. There are more stores packed in to this small area than there are in the total rest of the Florida Keys. While one end of Duval, closer to the cruise ship point of disembarkation, is full of lighthearted and tacky stores that folks find to be lots of fun, the further you go away from this end, the more umique and beautiful the shops get. There are also lots and lots of art galleries on Duval, as well. There’s a whole store dedicated to everything Cuban. Check out the t-shirt shop that dyes its shirts in natural ingredients such as cocoa. Or try the new flip-flop boutique that sells nothing but thong sandals, promising to be comfortable and stylish. Shopping on Duval Street is lots and lots of fun.