Florida Keys Snorkeling

Florida Keys snorkelingDiscover Florida Keys snorkeling! We’ve got the only living coral reef in North America, It goes from north of Key Largo, down the entire chain of Keys, and out beyond Key West to the Dry Tortugas. It’s why Florida Keys snorkeling is a must-do while on vacation. Boats throughout the Keys take visitors out to the reef for half day snorkeling trips. Some outfitters combine a morning or afternoon of snorkeling with lunch or snacks and beverages, while others work in kayaking and watersports as well. Choose a package that accommodates your vacation plans. It’s easy!

Snorkeling in Key Largo

Key Largo may be one of the best places for Florida Keys snorkelingfor two reasons. One, we have John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It provides protection of the reef and its ecosystem, plus opportunities for visitors to enjoy the water. There are snorkeling trips out of their marina every day, plus glass bottom boat trips to the reef.

Secondly, out of all the Florida Keys, Key Largo is closest to the crystal clear waters of the Gulf Stream. That means snorkelers can easily see down through the waters from the surface. Often, snorkelers will be able to see bottom without diving down, even when it’s forty feet deep and more! So, even beginners can see the marvels of the ocean, the coral reef, and all the creatures and plants that exist in the underwater world.

Snorkeling in the Middle Keys

Visitors who stay in the middle keys are lucky because every snorkeling spot in the Keys is just a short drive away. If you’re staying in Marathon, you could drive west for a boat out to the famous Looe Key Sanctuary. John Pennekamp, mentioned above, is less than an hour away as well. You basically have access to everything!

Snorkeling in the Lower Keys and Key West

Key West has plenty of snorkeling outfitters and boats. From early morning til sunset, all types of boats run back and forth from shore to the reef, ferrying snorkelers to the sanctuaries for unforgettable snorkel adventures. Some of the boats are quite large catamarans that might serve a light lunch. Others are smaller boats that specialize in a more private experience while on the reef. All Florida Keys snorkeling boats carry personal flotation devices, and all safety equipment as required by law. The guides will instruct everyone on the boat on how to snorkel and how to respect the coral reef (don’t touch it!).

For variety, some boats will take you snorkeling in the afternoon, then wind up the day with a sunset cruise. Others in Key West will take you snorkeling on the reef, then head north into the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Key West harbor, where they have giant floatable setups for watersports.