Key West Snorkeling

The colorful coral reef, the schools of tropical fish, magnificent sting rays- the wonders of the marine world are yours to explore on a Key West snorkeling trip. Imagine floating blissfully along the warm subtropical waters of Key West, gazing down at incredible sea life just a few feet below you. This is what a tropical vacation is all about, and we’re here to help you make it all happen for you. Book Key West snorkeling trips online and save money by getting discounts, and low price guarantees.

The island of Key West is lined with coral reef on the south side, so Key West snorkeling can take you to many different areas of the reef for different snorkeling experiences. To start out, however, Sand Key Light is the top destination. And no wonder – with shallow reef that comes right up to the historic lighthouse within a foot or two of the water’s surface, you’ll be able to see so much! Sand Key Light has a wonderful diversity of coral, fish, rays, barracuda, eels, and other marine life living in the abundant coral ecosystem. It’s the ideal spot for first time snorkelers.

 If you just can’t get enough of Key West snorkeling and you want to venture out another day, the reef extends in both directions from Sand Key light. Heading east, there’s Rock Key, known for its calm waters even when it’s a bit windy out there. The rocks here stick out of the water, breaking any waves that might come rolling in from offshore. It’s protected, shallow, and an ideal spot for your next Key West snorkeling spot.

Heading east from Rock Key, you’ll find Eastern Dry Rocks, which are part of the main reef and therefore provide lots of snorkeling grounds. If you’ve opted for a Key West boat rental and you’re on your own, anchor up and explore the area. Don’t get too far from the boat, and watch the current!

Still heading east, you’ll run into The Sambos- western, middle and eastern. These also make fun destinations for a day of Key West snorkeling. The main reef is about six miles from Key West, and between the island the reef are gazillions of small patch reefs. If you’ve rented a boat, explore and find your own private snorkeling spot to make your Key West vacation exciting and complete.