Glass Bottom Boat Tours


Let a Glass Bottom Boat tour take you to the Florida Keys’ most precious resource: the living coral reef. The reef is average of six miles off shore in the Keys, making it very accessible and convenient to get to. Glass bottom boat tours head out to the reef every day throughout the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West. There are glass bottom boats available in every major key. These tours are the perfect way for vacationers to see the coral reef, especially if they don’t have much time. How come?

  1. No matter what the weather, the glass bottom boat is a smooth ride.
  2. You don’t have to get in the water to see the reef.
  3. It’s safe and fun for any age, from toddler to senior.
  4. There’s AC!
  5. No swimming, snorkeling or scuba skills required.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass bottom boat tours leave from John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, amongst other places in the Keys. It’s easy to find and there’s plenty of parking. Glass bottom boats are large and stable. This makes for a very comfortable ride, and don’t forget there’s also Air Conditioning in the cabin. The hull of the boat is fitted with glass panels through which you can see through to the water below. When the Captain of the boat hovers over coral reef, you’ll get to see everything clearly and up close…without getting in the water! See it all in luxury and comfort, no matter what the weather.

What to Expect on the Glass Bottom Boat

Expect to see common reef fish like parrot fish, zebra fish, barracuda, snapper, sargent majors, nurse sharks, sting rays, and even the occasional grouper. Look for coral species like purple fan, a soft coral that’s prevelant in the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. Your tourguide on the glass bottom boatis well-informed and his or her speech will be full of fascinating facts about the coral reef you see. It’s a great opportunity to learn about one of the best things about the Florida Keys, the amazing coral reef.


Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine animals. Hop aboard one of the available Florida Keys Dolphin tours and discover why. These mammals are very intelligent and playful, everyone who encounters them will be delighted. Dolphins are happiest in the wild, and eco Dolphin tours will take you to their habitat to observe feeding, playing and just hanging around the boat. In the Florida Keys Dolphin tours take people out every day and head for the gorgeous backcountry of the Florida Keys, where the Dolphins live. In their natural state, they play and leap through the air, and run in groups called pods. You can see it all on these exciting Florida Keys Dolphin tours.

About the Guides for Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Experienced guides who run the Florida Keys Dolphin tours have decades of knowledge about the dolphins. They know where the dolphins go to eat, play, and rest in the wild. They know the dolphins by name in some cases, and know the relationships like grandmothers, fathers and even baby sitters! You know you will have a great tour because the guides for the Florida Keys dolphin tours have been doing this for a long time. They know where to go to find dolphins in the wild. Expert guides working the Florida Keys dolphin tours will share their knowledge with passengers and help them get to know these amazing creatures.

About the Boats Used on Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Your boat will be comfortable, clean and specially equipped for Florida Keys dolphin tours. Many times you will be heading out to dolphin habitat in a catamaran, known for a smooth ride. Most Florida Keys dolphin toursalso include time for swimming and snorkeling near the dolphin habitat, but not with the dolphins. There will be plenty of time for relaxing, taking photos, and exploring the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Enjoy the spectacular surroundings of the sub-tropical waters and backcountry and perhaps also see some sting rays, gentle nurse sharks, and sea turtles. All this is possible on Florida Keys dolphin tours.

Swimming on Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Since guides are environmentally aware and eco-conscious, they minimize human contact with wild dolphins. That means tours will observe the dolphins but not jump into the water wtih them. Luckily, you will get to swim nearby, in the Dolphin habitat and discover all the other marine life that thrives in this sub-tropical environment. Swimming with the dolphins is invading their home and altering their wild state. Florida Keys dolphin tour guides respect these beautiful creatures and obey scientists’ guidelines that we not disturb them. Dolphins will sometimes swim very close to the boat because they are playful and curious, and this provides plenty of chances to see them and take pictures. Enjoy your tour!


Key West Dolphin Tour

 Dolphins and humans have a special bond and here in Key West you have the chance of a lifetime- to experience these marine mammals in the wild. A Key West dolphin tour should be at the top of your agenda if you love nature, animals, and the ocean. Choose from several dolphin tours that will have your whole family or group feeling the bond with these amazing creatures!

Dolphins are truly incredible, and the more you learn about them from your Key West Dolphin Tour guide, the more you’ll agree that dolphins and humans really do share a natural affinity for one another. Your tour guide and captain will be knowledgeable of dolphins and their habitat, so ask as many questions as you can think of! Learn about physiology, anatomy, behavior, and communication patterns of these sociable mammals whose curiosity sometimes brings them right up to the boat you’re in.

Key West Dolphin tours pride themselves on their awareness of how delicate the natural world really is. They respect the dolphins and their habitat and attempt to be as non-intrusive as possible. Therefore, we offer Key West dolphin tours where the boat goes to the dolphins’ natural environment, usually in the Gulf of Mexico or close to shore on the Atlantic side of Key West. Dolphins are never held in captivity in Key West, so when you see these wild creatures, you’ll know they’re happy, healthy, and having a great time in their own element, free and undisturbed.

Dolphins run in groups of up to a dozen in size, and these groups are called pods. Key West has resident dolphin pods, so your dolphin tour guide will have a very good sense of where to find the pod each day. And our guides are completely dedicated and professional…they go out almost every day of the year! Of course they love their work. Who wouldn’t?


Key West Tours

 There’s rich culture and lots of history throughout the tiny streets of Key West. This may be a small island at four by two miles, but there’s so much going on, and so much fascinating history to learn about, you’ll have fun creating a travel itinerary from Key West tours alone! Of course you will want to explore the reef while you’re here, but save some time for a few Key West tours and discover the charm that makes the Southernmost City so special.

Key West has a rich history which has a fascinating mixture of things Cuban, military, famous authors, sunken treasure, and sport fishing, sprinkled with a bit of pirates, bootlegging and other illegal trades that have come and gone through the years. Key West tours offer a sampling of these intertwined histories. As you ride through the streets your tour guide will offer stories that will help bring Key West’s history alive as you ride past the very locations where famous people once lived or events once took place.

 For Key West tours of Old Town, there are trolley tours and Conch Train tours. Each features open-air seating and a tourguide who is also your driver, and very also very knowledgeable about Key West history and culture. Roll past Hemingway House, Sloppy Joe’s, and on up Duval Street and you’ll get a great tour that gives you a fine sense of Key West and an understanding its particular charm. And best of all, you save your feet for later, when you’ll want to stroll down Duval Street yourself and check out the boutiques, shops, bars, and dining.

Other types of tours in Key West include a Key West Ghost tour, which naturally only happens at night! This is a walking tour of Key West, starting out in Old Town and making its way to the Key West Cemetery. An old favorite of many visitors, the Key West Ghost Tour is a wonderful way to learn about Key West and its history.

There are also walking tours of Old Town, and a bicycle tour of Old Town. These are run by small private organizations and offer a personal view of the island. Any way you go, Key West tours will leave you with a sense of the city, the island, and its unique history.