Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine animals. Hop aboard one of the available Florida Keys Dolphin tours and discover why. These mammals are very intelligent and playful, everyone who encounters them will be delighted. Dolphins are happiest in the wild, and eco Dolphin tours will take you to their habitat to observe feeding, playing and just hanging around the boat. In the Florida Keys Dolphin tours take people out every day and head for the gorgeous backcountry of the Florida Keys, where the Dolphins live. In their natural state, they play and leap through the air, and run in groups called pods. You can see it all on these exciting Florida Keys Dolphin tours.

About the Guides for Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Experienced guides who run the Florida Keys Dolphin tours have decades of knowledge about the dolphins. They know where the dolphins go to eat, play, and rest in the wild. They know the dolphins by name in some cases, and know the relationships like grandmothers, fathers and even baby sitters! You know you will have a great tour because the guides for the Florida Keys dolphin tours have been doing this for a long time. They know where to go to find dolphins in the wild. Expert guides working the Florida Keys dolphin tours will share their knowledge with passengers and help them get to know these amazing creatures.

About the Boats Used on Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Your boat will be comfortable, clean and specially equipped for Florida Keys dolphin tours. Many times you will be heading out to dolphin habitat in a catamaran, known for a smooth ride. Most Florida Keys dolphin toursalso include time for swimming and snorkeling near the dolphin habitat, but not with the dolphins. There will be plenty of time for relaxing, taking photos, and exploring the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Enjoy the spectacular surroundings of the sub-tropical waters and backcountry and perhaps also see some sting rays, gentle nurse sharks, and sea turtles. All this is possible on Florida Keys dolphin tours.

Swimming on Florida Keys Dolphin Tours

Since guides are environmentally aware and eco-conscious, they minimize human contact with wild dolphins. That means tours will observe the dolphins but not jump into the water wtih them. Luckily, you will get to swim nearby, in the Dolphin habitat and discover all the other marine life that thrives in this sub-tropical environment. Swimming with the dolphins is invading their home and altering their wild state. Florida Keys dolphin tour guides respect these beautiful creatures and obey scientists’ guidelines that we not disturb them. Dolphins will sometimes swim very close to the boat because they are playful and curious, and this provides plenty of chances to see them and take pictures. Enjoy your tour!