Islamorada Fishing

If you want a relaxing vacation laying on the beach with hours and hours of leisure time to dream and soak up the sun, Islamorada is a great choice. But most people who visit this small town in the Upper Florida Keys have something else on their minds, involving lots more action, and that’s salt water sport fishing. In fact, if you want to just relax on your vacation, don’t even think of doing any Islamorada fishing: you will be pretty tired out at the end of the day, from fighting all those fish.

Everyone knows Islamorada is called the Sport fishing Capital of the World. It’s as famous for salt water sport fishing as Key West is famous for its sunsets. There are hundreds of Islamorada fishing guides to choose from, and several types of fishing you can try. From the skinny waters of Florida Bay to offshore currents in the Gulf Stream, there are so many ways to enjoy fishing in Islamorada you could spend weeks here or more, and still feel you haven’t experienced all of it. Maybe that’s why so many anglers come back for more Islamorada fishing year after year.

Islamorada fishing charters go out of a few main marinas: World Wide Sportsman, Bud ‘N Mary’s, Holiday Isle, and Whale Harbor. All of these are visible from the Overseas Highway, or Route 1, the main drag through the Florida Keys.