La Jolla Resort

La Jolla Resort in Islamorada features pleasant cottages set amidst lush tropical foliage at the edge of Florida Bay.  If you’re gearing up for a fishing vacation in the Florida Keys, La Jolla Resort will seem like the perfect vacation spot, with its boat ramp, docks, fishing pier, and the fly-tying desk in their new Sportsmans’ Lounge.  The owner is a fishing guide, so anglers will feel right at home staying in a resort designed by a fellow salt water sportsman.

Accommodations at La Jolla Resort are neat little cottages with kitchens, ranging from one to three rooms.  Some face Florida Bay and others are closer to the pool, euphemistically called “Garden Rooms”.  Whichever cottage you find yourself in, you’ll be pleased with the cleanliness, attractive renovations, and lush surroundings. This is a perfect place to stay if you have a Cheap Flights to Florida

Tropical vegetation includes a wonderful variety of  palm trees, key lime trees, bromeliads, hibiscus,  frangipani and bougainvillea.  For anyone in need of a tropical vacation, the vegetation alone at La Jolla Resort will restore the soul and put you at ease immediately.  The Florida Keys are known for casual atmosphere, which means a slower pace, less stress, and an overall calming environment, whether it’s swinging from a hammock at the water’s edge under the warm tropical sun, or zipping around in the back country on a day of Islamorada fishing.  The folks at La Jolla Resort have done an excellent job of creating an oasis getaway for travelers in the Florida Keys.