Key Largo Scuba Diving

Scuba diving Key Largo is at the top of every serious diver’s to-do list. The Florida Keys area is well known for its ocean-based activities, with snorkeling and scuba diving Key Largo being no exception. One of the best places in the world to do this is in Key Largo itself.

Key Largo is the first and largest isle in the Florida Keys. It is also well known for its undersea activities, including diving and snorkeling, and was one of the first places in the world to begin conservation efforts. In 1960, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was created as the first undersea preserve in the United States. That’s why today we can boast that scuba diving Key Largo the top reason travelers come to this area of the Keys.

Scuba Diving Key Largo

Key Largo Wreck Diving


Key Largo has continued with conservation efforts, with the 1975 designation of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary, and is now home to six Sanctury Preservation Areas as part of the 2800 square nautical mile Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Key Largo is well known for its shallow reefs, which offer world class scuba diving and is ideal for both beginners and experienced divers. There are also many deep wrecks which provide excellent exploration opportunities for scuba diving Key Largo.

One of the Florida Key’s most popular snorkeling and diving spots is the Statuue of Christ of the Abyss, also known as “Christ of the Deep”. This 9 foot high bronze statue by Guido Galletti was placed as a memorial shrine to sailors and others lost at sea. This shallow spot, located at Key Largo Dry Rocks, is ideal for up close viewing of a wide variety of fish and undersea life.

Other popular reefs near Key Largo include Molasses Reef and French Reef, both known for the wide variety of sea creatures and fish species.

Scuba diving in Key Largo

Carysfort Reef Light House


Molasses Reef is often referred to as the most popular diving location in the world. The reef is as high as the ocean surface and reaches a depth of fifty-five feet on a gentle slope. Visibility is excellent due to the gulf stream.

There are also many wrecks which this area of the Florida Keys is famous for, offering world class diving for all skill levels. Key Largo has some of the best opportunities for exploring shipwrecks.

Bibb and Duane are both 327 foot US Coast Guard cuttters, which were sunk in 1987 in the area known as The Elbow Reef. They rest in 130 feet of water, Duane in an upright position while the Bibb rests on its starboard side. The City of Washington is among several historic shipwrecks in the area. The Elbow Reef is a mile south of Molasses Reef.

Benwood Wreck is a Norwegian freighter that sank during the Second World War near French Reef. It is quite shallow, and attracts many divers for night dives. French Reef also offers some fantastic coral caves and swim throughs, with excellent opportunities to see sea life.

Most recently, Key Largo added the 510 foot USS Spiegel Grove in June 2002 as an artificial reef, at the cost of over one million dollars. The Navy transport ship is the largest ever sunk as an artificial reef, is at a depth of 130 feet and resting on its starboard side. The USS Spiegel Grove is located near Key Largo’s Dixie Shoals.