Key Largo Snorkeling

Thanks to crystal clear water, sunny year-round temperatures and large areas of protected coral reef, Key Largo snorkeling ranks as one of the most popular vacation activities for visitors from around the world. Key Largo snorkeling even stands out ahead of the other spots in the Florida Keys, partly because of its location near the Gulf Stream.

Key Largo is the northernmost island in the Florida Keys, closest to the mainland. It’s at this point on the map where the Gulf Stream curves inward and comes closer to the reef than in other parts of the Keys. Gulf Stream water is clear water, and the combination of clear blue water and shallow water reef systems makes for some of the world’s best snorkeling. If you’re passing through the Keys, you just gotta do some Key Largo Snorkeling!

Most of the snorkeling boats that take visitors to the reef head toward Grecian Rocks, where the famous underwater attraction exists: Christ of the Abyss. This huge bronze 4000 pound statue is probably one of the most photographed underwater spots in the United States!

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the best place to start your day in Key Largo. There’s a marina with snorkel boats, visitors center, small beach, kayak rentals, canoe rentals, and a short nature walk through the mangroves. Explore the park, then go out for some Key Largo Snorkeling for an unforgettable day in the Florida Keys.